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Tailgating Tips for the NFL Season

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There isn't anything quite like fall. Whether it be a crisp breeze in the air, a crunchy red leaf on the ground, or thousands of football fans screaming at a tailgate in their Kansas City Chiefs hoodies and Green Bay Packers tees, the season proves over and over again why it’s so great.

Fall is football season, and we’re here to tell you how to do it right. Whether you’re a diehard fan for a specific team or just a passionate fan of day drinking and grilling out, use our tailgating tips to master every second leading up to the main event.

What to Wear

Possibly the most crucial part of any game day is that game day outfit. When dressing for the tailgate, remember:

  • Layer up

In most cities, fall brings cooler temperatures. Dressing in layers is almost necessary, as you’ll most likely get warmer as the day goes on, and the drinks keep pouring.

  • Don’t wear white

Tailgates are no place for clothes that you want to keep spotless. Between drinks that could be spilled and cornhole bags flying about, there’s a lot of potential for dirt.

  • Rep your squad

This might seem obvious, but make sure to represent your team! Toss on that Kansas City Chiefs hoodie and get ready to be a part of a massive sea of red. Fellow fans tend to high five each other when they see one another representing the squad, so if you want to make friends fast, get your gear now!

What to Eat

A tailgate is not complete without tailgate food! Each city has its specialty – for instance, Seahawks fans can be found munching on seafood while New Orleans fans indulge in Cajun eats. All that said, you really can't go wrong with any of the following:

  • Barbeque

Sure, Chiefs fans probably do this one the best, but any tailgate that includes barbeque knows that a football game isn't complete without some hefty meat.

  • Cheese curds

The fans wearing Green Bay Packers tees can speak to this – cheese curds are perfect for game day. Kick off the morning with some gooey, fried cheese ,and combat the post-game hangover with curds as well, and you’ll be one happy football fan. You can worry about your arteries in the morning.

  • Buffalo chicken dip

If you aren’t going to be at the bar downing some wings, go for the cleaner, more tailgate-friendly buffalo chicken dip and chips. Equally creamy and spicy, this is exactly what you need with your beer (or seltzer, we won’t judge).

What to Do

You’re at the tailgate. You look great in your St. Louis Rams or Kansas City Chiefs hoodie, and you've filled up on beer and barbeque. What's next?

If you’re not one for drinking games like beer pong and flip cup, be sure you’ve brushed up on your cornhole skills. According to a survey of 914 NFL fans, these are the three most popular tailgating activities. If you’re not one for games as a whole, what should you do? Socialize, start a team chant, and enjoy the atmosphere. It won’t last forever!

As quickly as the NFL comes, it goes, so be ready to soak up every second of Fantasy Football, trash-talking, and tailgating. We're here to help guide you through it while also making sure you look your very best. Who knows? Wear that Green Bay Packers tee enough, and you could become an influencer in the NFL/tailgating space! When it’s football season, anything is possible.

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